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Susan Darmstadter & Dark and Stormy

The focus at DBTS has always been teaching, safety, and exceptional care and training of the horses. When I became a client 16 years ago I literally did not know how to put a halter on, let alone ride or care for a horse. I wanted to learn to ride but had a busy career and didn't think owning a horse was possible with my lifestyle. Dan made it happen by not only finding me the right horse, but organizing every aspect of care from training to the deworming schedule. My lesson times were flexible and I was welcome to come out when I had free time whether I had a lesson or not. I could practice or just enjoy my horse. Dan even took me on a trail riding lesson so I could learn how to safely ride outside the confines of an arena.

Although showing is an option there's no pressure to show. Every client's personal goal is respected, even if it's just to learn how to be a safe trail rider. I rode with Dan for 12 years before I decided to give the ring a try.  Dan again found the perfect horse for me. He first taught me to safely get around the ring, and when I was ready, he taught me to elevate my skills and start to win.

I still work long hours but owning a horse is now part of my life. I love that I have a getaway close to home where I can always relax even if I just want to have a cup of coffee and pet the cats! I truly can't imagine having my horse anywhere other than with Dan at Hidden Pond Farm.

Susan Darmstadter




Kathy Platta & Askari NVF

I’ve always been passionate about horses, but wasn’t able to buy one until a few years ago.  I quickly realized I needed to work with a professional in order to enjoy this sport safely and competently.

Another trainer recommended Dan as a match for my horse and me.  Dan has patiently worked with us, starting with basic skills, the “what to do and how to do it” knowledge I needed to begin riding safely.  He also taught me to tune into my horse, to anticipate what he might do in different situations, and to be prepared to handle things calmly.  His work with my horse helped him develop too.   When I started, my goal was to be able to trail ride safely with my horse.  But before I knew it, I had the confidence and skill to start riding at horse shows as well.

It’s work to learn to ride well.  Dan and Jeana make it a pleasure.  They really care about the riders and the horses.  Their professional attitude shows in their understanding and patience as they help each rider work to realize their goals.  It’s also the reason for the strong spirit of camaraderie, support and respect shared by all the riders at DBTS.  

Kathy Platta





Mary Niebler & BF Enfenety:

I can't say enough about the fun I have had, the friends I have made, and the knowledge and skills I've learned at Hidden Pond Farms. The facility is pure luxury and my horses love it! Dan and Jeana are very patient trainers and are willing to work with you and your horse until you get it. If you are thinking about having the time of your life - this is the place!

Mary Niebler




Kratoska Family:

When my daughter began riding horses at a local facility I was afraid of horses. I knew nothing about them and never imagined I'd ride. As time passed, I knew that the facility she was at was not the right place for her as I felt she was not progressing as a rider. When we found Dan Barker Training Services, the fit for Megan was obvious. So much so, I got over my fear, began riding, and went on to buy Magalier. A short time later we bought MSU High Society and my boys began riding too. I can't imagine my life without riding and my horses. Megan and I have both gone on to compete with both horses in shows and have done remarkably well. Safety for both the rider and the horse is of utmost concern for Dan while fostering a fantastic learning environment. Magalier and Society receive amazing care and the friendships we have formed at DBTS will last a lifetime.

"You cannot discover new oceans unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore"




Char Mano:

I brought Dream to Dan Barker Training a bit over three years ago, when she was a barely halter broken five year old brood mare candidate. Today, as you can see from the enclosed pictures, I have a lovely, correct, and happy partner in both English and Western Dressage who is starting her show career with grace and joy. The hardest part of this process has been improving as a rider to meet her ever-increasing skill levels. Dan and Jeana let Dream tell them what discipline was her favorite and when she was ready for more intensive workouts and difficulty in her specialty. The ability to teach a horse as well as “read” the ability, timing, and willingness of the horse is the hallmark of a gifted trainer. Dan and Jeana have done an incredible job of creating a sound, happy partner for me, and I cannot express the gratitude I feel for their incredible patience and hard work. I am so proud to be involved with their fantastic gift, and hope to have a long and fulfilling journey ahead with them.




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